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Series «Regional Management»

Series consists of 8 training manuals for local authorities (local government), businessmen, NGO, students of profile specialties (public administration, energy, ecology, geography). 
Series recommended by Council on energy efficiency of Government of Ukraine, Scientific Council of Kharkiv Research Institute of Land Administration.

Tutorials and analytical reports «Transparency land» 


This category combines 4 editions: 
- Instructor's Manual «Transparency land», which displays main problematic points of land law. The book describes mechanisms for combating corruption in land relations. 
- 3 record with expert advice on study of corruption in land relations in Kharkiv, Luhansk, Lviv, Chernivtsi regions and Crimea. 

Book Series «Transparency land» prepared by expert group, which includes practicing lawyers, law lecturers from universities, government officials from  departments of land resources. 

The volume of all publications: 200 pages. Distributed free of charge.

Establishment of ecological and energy balance of communities


Book describes results of project to restore ecological and energy balance. We describe results of study of ecological state of territory and results of energy audits of local public utilities. Publication complement expert recommendations to improve ecological condition and conservation of village. 
Practical component of book: a description of course and results of a local project to create an energy-kindergarten. 

Book is produced by a team of expert staff of energy service companies. 

Volume edition: 120 pages. Distributed free.

Nature Conservancy of Kupyansk region (example Oskol natural corridor and regional natural park «Pristinskie Plavni»)

Book contains materials of an integrated program of environmental administrative district. Materials in publication - results of many years of local research. 
Book opens basis of territorial management, which are implemented in management region.

Book was prepared by expert group: university professors, teachers and graduate students working in field of ecology and conservation. 

Volume of publications: 200 pages. Distributed free.

Analyst Reports

Management plan of territory of regional landscape park «Pristinskie Plavni» 

Document - result of the study area of regional landscape park. 
In analytical report displays main problems of park and their solutions.

Effectiveness of advocacy campaigns to counter corruption

Practical recommendations for development and implementation of advocaci campaigns in field of land resources. This handbook is designed for public organizations and groups of self-organization of population who work in  field of protection of citizens' rights of land.
Recommendations are illustrated with real examples of  ISD and coalition "Transparency Land" campaign advocacy.

Report on Exploration "Ecological condition of Kupiansk region"

Study of prospects for environmental and energy balance of Rogan village council of Kharkiv region

Report on results of monitoring of local laws and regulations in sphere of implementation of environmental measures and energy conservation, alternative energy

Methodical recommendations «Procedure of transferring a lease agricultural land state property»

Analytical report on the study of Ukrainian legislation in the sphere of land relations

 Series of maps

Investigation of potential of alternative energy of Rogan village council of Kharkiv region

Regional management of communal and natural resources of Kupiansk district of Kharkiv region

Designing objects of nature reserve fund in active business

Maps of natural and anthropogenic landscapes of Oskil natural (ecological) corridor - part of EECONET

Series of maps of assessment of agricultural land area (Gusynsky village council, Kharkiv region)

Development of regional components of EECONET (Kharkiv region)

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