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Conference on Land Reform Policy

(Odessa region, September 2009)

 Public hearings on establishment of regional landscape park

(Kharkiv region, August 2009)

Sustainable Development Summer Camp

(Kharkiv region, August 2009)

 Press-conference on Radio ERA-FM (Kiev, July 2009)

Participation in the seminar of

Civil Spciety Leadership Network (Georgia, May 2009)

Talk about transfer of land to lease in State Committee

of Land Resources (Kiev, April 2009)

Final Press-conference of Center for Nature Protection

(Kiev, April 2009)

Ekspertnye consultations of development of EECONET

(Poland, March 2009)

 Round table with governor of Kharkiv region

(Kharkiv, February 2009)

Presentation of energy-saving kindergarten

(Kharkiv, January 2009)

Round table with representatives of Land Departments

(Donetsk, December 2008)

Public hearings on adoption of local energy

conservation program (Kharkiv region, November 2008)

Training on advocacy for representatives of NGO,

working in field of Land Policy (Kiev, November, 2008)

Public discussion of changes to the Land Code of Ukraine

(Kharkiv region, October 2008)


Seminar of coalition "Transparency land" (Kiev, September 2008)

Press-conference (Sumy region, July 2008)

Press-conference on implementation of

alternative energy utilities (Kharkiv region, July 2008)


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