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ISD Team

Administrative command of ISD

Chapter of board of ISD

Stanislav Ignatev

Has finished magistracy of Karazin Kharkiv national university on a speciality "social and economic geography” and a magistracy of National legal academy on a speciality "civil law”.
Has finished postgraduate study of Karazin Kharkiv national university on a speciality "constructive geography”.

Has eleven-year experience of management of NGO. 
Enters in Civil Society Leadership Network. Graduate of Program CSLN.
Passed training of NGO of Sweden and Poland.

At various times borrowed posts:
- adviser a measure of city of Kupyansk (Kharkiv region);
- head of device of regional state administration of Kupyansk;
- vice-president of regional state administration of Kupyansk;
- chief of regional department of water resources of Kharkiv.

At present:
- works as expert of program of development of EECONET;
- member of commission of Government of Ukraine from definition of problems of realization of land reform in AR Crimea;
- is a member of public board at chairman of state administration of Kharkiv region;
- member of state commission on adaptation of land legislation to conditions of European Union.

- Diploma of Cabinet Ministry of Ukraine «For assistance of realization of land reform in Ukraine»;
- Diploma of Ministry of Emergency Measures of Ukraine «For suppression of forest fire»;
- Diploma of chairman of state administration of Kharkiv region «For significant contribution to development of a civil society»;
- numerous winner of regional competition «Youth leader of year».

Author more than 20 scientific works, 8 from them - the books recommended by academic councils of leading scientific organizations.
Teaches of subjects and supervises over degree projects in Karazin Kharkiv national university.
Vice director, financial manager of ISD
Vitalii Fylenko 

In 2006 had got a Diploma of Master Degree at the Faculty of Engineering and tne second higher education at the Faculty of Economics (a Diploma of Bachelor Degree, Enterprise Economics, Accounting and Auditing) at Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University, Ukraine.
During studying at the University worked as an engineer, TOV "Mrijana”(2003-2005).
After finishing the University worked as a teacher- trainee on the department of Metrology and Life Safety at the Faculty of Engineering.
From 2007 to 2009 was a Post-Graduate Student at Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University.
In 2009-2010 worked as a Senior Laboratory Assistant At The School Of Ecology, Kharkov Karazin National University.
From 2010 teach as Senior Lecturer At The School Of Ecology, Kharkov Karazin National University.
From 2009 activity take part in international projects , short-term training («Project cycle management» in the framework of EU project "Support to Sustainable Regional Development Project” 29.11-3.12.2010, Poltava, Ukraine; «Building capacity for investment assessment» in the framework of EU project "Support to Sustainable Regional Development Project” 11.07-14.07.2010, Kyiv, Ukraine; Training in the framework of Tempus project «Improvement of education on environmental management» Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Central European University, Hungary, 30.04– 09.05 2011. Budapest, Hungary; Summer school «Governance of Global Environmental Change», in the framework of EU project "Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching”, 02.08-16.08.2011. Pskov, Russia ).
Also was a participant of conferences and workshops:
1. International conference «Formation of public view in transparency of transport of hydrocarbons» 05.11.2010, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2. NEAR 4 Workshop " Watersheds and coastal zones facing climate change: uncertainties, risks, prevention and mitigation”. 29.05-02.06.11, Mangalia, Romania.
3. VI Ukrainian Scientific Readings in the honor of Taliev, 26.11.2010, Kharkiv, Ukraine, KKNU.
4. Conference «Problems of energy saving in universities», 10-11.10, 2010, Zaporozhie, Ukraine.
5. Conference «Successful models of regional development»., 29.11.2010, Poltava, Ukraine.
6. Joint conference organized by Parliament of Georgia and Parliament of Ukraine «Problems of harmonization of land legislation », Tbilisi, Georgia, 5.07.2010.
7. Ukrainian and German Business Forum - 2011. Kharkiv, 22 – 23.02.2011.
Nowadays am interested in problems of meteorology, of energy saving and alternative energy.

Manager of projects


Oksana Bodnya

Has an operational experience in project of public organizations, including scientific.
Participant of some scientific seminars and conferences.
Author of 5 clauses in scientific editions.

She studied project management in public organizations, universities and firms in Poland.


Olena Kovra

Has a long-term operational experience the bookkeeper of projects in organization.

Was trained at «School of financial management»(Poland).
Center of Project Management
Mariya Checheneva
Andrey Skrunnikov
Inna Rizova


Sergey Skrunnikov
Command of trainers of ISD

Trainer of ISD

Sergey Malcev

The professional coach, PhD
Has an operational experience in regional department on affairs of youth.

Themes of trainings on which trainer specializes
Trainings for local NGO:
- Strategic planning activity of NGO;
- Development and a writing projects;
- Design management for NGO;
- Interaction of mass-media and NGO;
- Work NGO with target audiences.

Trainings for trainers:
- 10 steps to organization of successful training;
- Methodology of development of trainings;
- Organization and service of trainings.

Trainings for youth NGO:
- Positioning youth NGO in market of social services;
- Development of leader qualities of youth;
- Maintenance steady functioning of youth NGO.

Trainer of ISD

Olga Sukhorebra

The senior lecturer of Academy of management at President of Ukraine, PhD

Themes of trainings on which trainer specializes

Local self-management:
- Preparation of passport of local community;
- Strategic planning activity of institutions of local government;
- The deputy – public representative;
- Cooperation NGO and institutions of local government for decision of local social problems;
- Attraction of additional means for development local community;
- Creation and maintenance of functioning of funds of local community.

- Advocacy – tool of representation and protection of civil interests;
- Development and planning of campaigns advocacy;
- Graphic construction of cards of campaigns advocacy;
- Advocacy - in local and national anticorruption activity.

Strategic planning:
- Development of strategy of local development in Ukraine, making use of Polish experience;
- Methods of analysis of a local situation at strategic planning;
- Formation of budget in strategic planning;
- Writing of local strategic plans.

Trainer of ISD

Mukola Goncharuk

Director of power service company "Energomera", deputy of local advice

Themes of trainings on which trainer specializes

Alternative power and energy saving:
- Introduction in alternative energy and energy saving;
- Municipal power: audit, an estimation of losses and opportunities, decentralization;
- Service of energy saving;
- Planning strategy of energy saving at a local level;
- Management of means of alternative energy for municipal and private needs.

Association of co-owners of apartment houses:
- A joint management of a multi-storey apartment house;
- Creation and operation of condominium;
- Attraction of additional means for management of an apartment house;
- Interaction of condominium with institutions of local government and NGO.

Trainer of ISD

Nataliya Safonova

The deputy director on scientific work of national natural park «Sacred mountains», PhD
Has long-term experience of trainer's work.

Themes of trainings on which trainer specializes
Wildlife management and development of ecological networks:
- Participation of public in wildlife management;
- Development and realization of projects on protection of a biological and landscape variety;
- Management of key elements of EECONET;
- Interaction NGO, governments and business for creation and management of nature protection objects;
- Attraction of public to wildlife management.

Command of experts of ISD

Expert of ISD

Volodumur Letvinov

Professor of Academy of management at President of Ukraine, Dr.Sci.Tech.
Has diploma of Verhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Specializes on strategic planning, development of local community, energy saving and alternative energy.

Author more than 150 scientific works, among them 12 monographies.

Expert of ISD

Igor Kazarcev

Assistant of chairman of commission of ecology of Verhovna Rada of AR Crimea.
Member of supreme economic advice of AR Crimea.

Specializes in spheres: land reform and wildlife management.
Participated in activity of working group on modification in Land code of Ukraine.
One of authors of creation of elements of EECONET in Ukraine.

Expert of ISD

Olena Ivanova

Senior lecturer of Legal academy of Jaroslav Mudruy, PhD

Specializes on land right.
One of co-authors of Land code of Ukraine. 
Author and co-author of changes in legislation of Ukraine in sphere of land right.

Author more than 50 scientific works, among them 6 monographies.

Expert of ISD, lawyer

Galina Shetinina

Practising lawyer in land attitudes.
Spends protection of rights of citizens on land.

Participant of working group on modification in Land code of Ukraine.
One of developers of program of reforming of land attitudes in Kharkiv region.









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