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4 action programs for sustainable development

4 actions programs of sustainable development

Action 1 
Program of land reform in Ukraine «Transparency land»

«Land in Ukraine is basis of economy. Along with this, land is shrouded in corruption and land relations - opaque and convoluted» - so estimates of land relations in Ukrainian President. 
This program aims at developing and promoting local and national reforms aimed at ensuring transparency of land relations and reducing level of corruption. 
This program is implemented ISD since 2006. Partners program is State Committee of Land Resources, Office of Land Legislation of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Committee on Agricultural Issues of Parliament of Ukraine. 
In 2008, ISD has created a coalition of public organizations «Transparent land», which brought together 12 NGO. Coalition works in Luhansk, Lviv, Kharkiv and Chernivtsi regions and Crimea. During work, coalition held a public monitoring procedures for land lease of state property. It was found several violations of law, corruption schemes and deception of citizens. 
To change situation revealed by experts of ISD have developed changes to legislation of Ukraine on Land: Land Code of Ukraine, Law of Ukraine «About rent of land», Regulation of departments of land resources. These changes are reviewed and adopted by Parliament of Ukraine. 
Also, to establish a legislative act «Procedure for transferring a lease of land plots of state property for agricultural purposes». This document has already been adopted by 11 local government administrations, consideration and adoption for use by document continues.

General partners of program:

  State Committee of Land Resources

    Office of Land Legislation of Ministry

                                          of Justice of Ukraine

Action 2 
Program «Partnership Initiative for local energy conservation and development of alternative energy»
Continuous rise in price of energy - one of main incentives in support of this program of state power in Ukraine, namely, State Commission for Energy Conservation and regional state administrations.

The program is realized in partnership with Kharkiv, Poltava, Lugansk regional state administrations.

Within limits of program the regional fund of support energy saving and introductions of alternative energy which is financed by representatives of local socially responsible business is created. At support of regional fund 12 local projects on energy saving and alternative energy are financed.

Also, within limits of program, annual sociological research of attitude of population and officials to energy saving is carried out. In addition, semi-annual omnibuses which allow to estimate results of local projects on energy saving are spent.

Program is supplemented with constant researches of potential of introduction of alternative energy and energy saving. Researches are spent by professional research organizations under order ISD.


In details to familiarize with results of program it is possible on page ISD Projects.

General partners of program:

 Kharkiv Regional State


                      Poltava Regional State


 Lugansk Regional State


       Energy-saving technologies

    State Commission for Energy Conservation


Action 3
Program of preservation of ecosystems, biological and landscape variety for maintenance of functioning EECONET

Program is directed on realization of European principles of protection of ecosystems, biological and landscape variety within limits of East Ukraine.

“Each biological kind and each landscape on a level with men has right to a place under the sun” - And it's the basic principle of ISD activity. And, for us, it is more than just a slogan …

ISD 8 years for preservation and restoration of landscapes, their resources and biovariety for future generations by a method of realization of researches, ecological education of population, realization of nature protection measures and participation in formation of ecological and nature protection politics of a society work. The not less important aspect of our work - protection of rights of citizens on a pure environment and equal in rights access to natural resources, is especial to lands.

By activity we prove, that positive long-term changes are possible, even when such changes look inaccessible. To see changes for best, after the amplified work, allows each our client to believe in forces and to make active the activity on protection of nature.

In activity ISD uses progressive experience of professionals of advanced countries. Simultaneously we give huge attention to education of our personnel. ISD - unique NGO in Ukraine, which has in the staff of managers of protection of a nature and managers of ecological power. Not less important there is an ecological and nature protection education of ecoactive workers and volunteers. It allows us to make successful steps on preservation of landscapes and biovariety.

We are sure, that change can occur within the world … at least in the world around us.


In details to familiarize with results of program it is possible on page ISD Projects.


General partners of program:

Ministry of preservation of environment of Ukraine

Office of the Counsellor for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

NGO “Eco Inicjatywa” (Poland)

Program “Wetlands International”

Ukrainian scientific research institute of environmental problems

Kiev ecology-cultural center

Zaporozhye regional center of tourism and study of local lore

Government department of preservation of environment of Kharkiv region


Action 4

Local community development program

It is first program of ISD. The history has begun of ISD in 2001. Program has been based at support of project LARGIS [] (it was realized in Ukraine at support DFID).

ISD renders expert help to territorial bulks in development of strategic plans. Also, we involve financial and organizational resources for development of general plans of settlements.

Also, ISD renders advisory help in creation of funds of bulks and attraction in them financial and means.

Within limits of program ISD assists local bulks in invitation of volunteers of US Peace Corps in Ukraine.

In it to bulks small grants for decision of local social problems are given to program.


In details to familiarize with results of program it is possible on page ISD Projects.


General partners of program:

US Peace Corps in Ukraine

Secretariat of the board on implementation of the MCC threshold program

Ukrainian Fund of Social Investments

Union for promotion of rural green tourism development in Ukraine

Project of support of privatization of land in Ukraine

Welfare fund “Community initiatives”

Social Services “Bethany

NGO “Agency of Sustainable development of Lugansk region”

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