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Youth public organization «Institute of Sustainable Development» (ISD) [Інститут сталого розвитку - українською мовою; Институт устойчивого развития - на русском языке] – Ukrainian NGO, which was established as a local NGO in 2002 and re-registered in a regional in 2009.
 Mission of ISD:

 Promoting implementation of youth policy, sustainable development of communities and open civil society by engaging citizens to participate in decision-making and policy development through the creative development, research, educational programs and implementation of charitable programs that support NGO, local authorities and citizens initiatives.

Main activities:

  • Promoting implementation of land reform in Ukraine; 
  • Implementation of initiatives for energy conservation and alternative energy; 
  • Preservation of landscape and biological diversity, development of key elements of EECONET in Ukraine; 
  • Development of the local community.

History of development of ISD


ISD has been based in 2001. Founders of public organization became group of active workers, politicians and international experts. At sources of organization stood: measures of Kupyansk (Kharkiv region) Michail Rimskiy, Deputy of Ukraine Vacyliy Potapov, chief of department of economy Alexandr Shaposhnikov, deputy of city council Alexandr Ivanov, deputy of regional advice Olga Ivleva, executive director "Local center of NGO” Andrey Grigorov.

Greater help in development ISD experts of project LARGIS [] (it was realized in Ukraine at support DFID) Alan Hancock (Great Britain), Poul de Noeer (Netherlands) have rendered and director of project LARGIS – Duncan Lutch. Experts of project have helped to develop strategic plan for development of NGO which operates at present.

Organizational development we are grateful to professor of Manchester University Kennet Deivy and professor of Warsaw university Pavel Swanewich.

In 2003 chairman of ISD Stanislav Ignatev was decorate a rank «Youth leader of year», and ISD is recognized by most active organization of Kharkiv region.

In 2004 active workers of ISD have stopped destruction of ecosystem of Chervonooskilske lake (the sixth on volume artificial lake in Ukraine).

In 2005-2006 ISD develops strategic plans for cities of Ukraine. The most successful plans are realized in Kupyansk and Chuguev (Kharkiv region), Svatove (Lugansk region), Krasnoperkopsk (Crimea).

In 2006 active workers of ISD have stopped forest fire and were decorate diplomas of Ministry on extreme situation of Ukraine.

Also, development of organization was promoted by 2 volunteers of US Peace Corps in Ukraine which were invited by collective of organization, and coordinator of project of Youth development of US Peace Corps in Ukraine Anatoliy Sakhno.

In 2007 by us greatest has been begun in Ukraine the training program for active workers in field of alternative energy and energy saving.

In 2008 coalition of public organizations «Transparent land» which has lead greatest in Ukraine public monitoring of infringement of land legislation has been created. Coalition has made changes to legislation of Ukraine which have allowed to reduce a level of corruption and to make more transparent for population land policy.

In 2009 director of ISD decorate diploma of Cabinet Ministry of Ukraine «For assistance of realization of land reform in Ukraine».

ISD - active participant of Civil Society Leadership Network.

ISD - one of participants of Global Compact.




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